Because Atlanta is FULL to the brim with musicians, I've started a brand new music professionals networking group at the Southwest Branch of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System. We've already had a massive response by the people that come in to the physical library, so I'm posting this to help with all the people that I don't see in person every day. If you're interested in being kept up-to-date with the goings-on of this group, please visit this page and sign up for the mailing list. Enjoy and I hope to see you soon!

Here's a little section I like to call "Technicolor Devin". I like to call it that because my dad put it up way before I had control of this website and I thought it was pretty embarrassing. Mostly because my hair doesn't look that great in some of them- and my face. Anyway, now I'm owning this and posting it here, on for the whole world to see.

Blue Hair

Circus Orange



Today marks the 5th anniversary of my younger brother, Corwin's death. He died at home on 2/9/2007 by his own hands. This is not to be a downer or make you all depressed, but in fact to change the way you might think of suicide. For many, suicide is an untouchable in polite conversation. I see this when I mention this to others that they immediately want to stop talking about it. For the record, it is important to talk about and possibly more important to bring up.

There are several organizations that are worth checking out and maybe even donating to: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention provides lots of resources and funding for research, hotlines, etc. and this awesome annual Out of The Darkness walk in which participants walk all night and "out of the darkness" to bring to light the importance of preventing suicide. The Overnight walk has its own web page here. My family has participated several years. We've loved it.

Anyway- if you have been affected by suicide personally or otherwise, please speak up. Leave a comment here, seek help here, or tell your best friend. Things can be rough, but life is good. You don't have to do this alone.